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If you want to do something special for your bachelor or bachelorette party, you can choose to take a pole dancing class or have a pole dancing performance at your party! 


In these classes, you will learn a short choreography to a song of your choice and you can also choose what style of pole you want to learn. Do you want to focus more on tricks? Or perhaps some sensual dancing? Or why not a mix of both!

Your choice. 

The class is 60 min and it includes a warm-up and a cool down.

You can also choose to have a performance or two at your party! 

Each performance is between 3-5 mins and you can choose to have 1-2 performances. 

The class happens in Oulu, Finland.

For the performances I am able to travel. 

Get in touch with me so that we can agree on a schedule, the class topics you're most interested in learning and for pricing. 

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